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Learn Spanish Podcast: What Is The Difference Between The Verbs Andar (To Walk”) And Ir (“To Go”)?, What Are False Friends?, And Why Latin America Is A “Melting Pot”?, Cultural Series, Episode 6 – Part 2

Episode Summary

This is episode is part of a series of topics related to Latino culture. Today we will continue talking about the origin of the Latino culture. I will explain why it is said that Latin America is a melting pot ("crisol de razas"). We will also learn a little bit about the term false friends “falsos amigos”, which are similar words or terms between two languages that can cause confusion. And at the end of this episode, we will answer some of the questions that you guys have already been sent to us.

Episode Notes

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Este episodio hace parte de la serie de temas relacionados con la cultura latina. Hoy seguiremos hablando del origen de la cultura latina. Explicaré por qué se dice que América Latina es un “crisol de razas”. También aprenderemos un poco sobre el término “falsos amigos”, es decir, palabras o términos similares entre dos idiomas que pueden causar confusión.

Y al final del episodio, responderemos a algunas de las preguntas que ustedes nos están enviando.

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