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Learn Spanish Podcast: Is the word "gringo" used with a negative connotation? How to use the expression “Todo bien!”? What does it mean "arrepentirse"?, Cultural Series – Episode 2

Episode Summary

Our second episode is part of a series of topics related to Latino culture. Today we will talk about the origin of the Latino culture. We will also learn how two Spanish-speaking countries use the same word but refer to two different things: “el bocadillo”. And at the end of this episode, we will answer some of the questions that you guys have already been sent to us.

Episode Notes

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Nuestro segundo episodio hace parte de la serie de temas relacionados con la cultura latina. Hoy hablaremos del origen de la cultura latina También aprenderemos cómo dos países de habla hispana usan la misma palabra pero se refieren a dos cosas distintas: “el bocadillo”. Y al final del episodio, responderemos a algunas de las preguntas que ya nos han enviado.

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